Photo: plasticfantastic

This week, we released our beta site to our founding brands, and the Haystakt Team enjoyed some time to rest and relax. What better way than to take a therapeutic dip in the pool on a Sunday afternoon? With the scorching sun above outlining silhouettes, cool waters and long islands were the name of the game.

Swimming isn’t an entirely foreign concept to a lot of people, but to those who don’t fall into the categories of professional athletes or water enthusiasts, it is hardly thought of as anything other than basic. To a fair few, it is a survival skill and not much else. Still, 54% of the world would remain defenseless in the face of deep, open water and high tides (so says Wikipedia).

Outpaced by a fellow lazy weekender two laps later, the statistic begets a good question — how could we perfect the art of skillfully thrashing in the pool? This seemed like an agenda perfect for a lazy Sunday.

Call us competitive, but leisurely wading wasn’t going to cut it. Rather than be thrown into the trajectory of panic, we counted the ways and emerged with these: Change your breathing pattern. Focus your energy at different parts of the stroke. Tinker with your mind to expand your actions beyond the ordinary swing of body motion. Feel in sync with the repetition and move towards improvement.

The satisfying thing about learning something new isn’t so much the first steps to familiarisation, but the rest of the learning process. And behind clichés lie profound truths — as you learn the ropes of a new craft, you discover things about your own work ethic, your methods, and you discover what works and what doesn’t. Advice from other seasoned learners may highlight new ways of seeing things. And then you go back to what you already knew before and make it better.

We went back to the development studio rested and relaxed, but also with a newfound commitment to method and respect for technique. We had been invigorated with a sense of self-fulfillment, and the yearning to learn more.

This applies to many other things - be it picking up a new skill, revisiting an old hobby, improving the home or even redecorating your workspace. It isn’t a universal maxim but trying it out never hurt anyone. Different strokes for different folks.


This weekend, relax by learning something new. See with brand new eyes, open your mind, and write with a new perspective. Come Monday morning when you pick up your tools, you’ll be surprised to see what new definitions you’ve created in your own line of craft.