Being fond of all things at the junction of art/design + technology, this week we were delighted to discover Bay Area artist Jenny Odell's work.


125 Swimming Pools, by Jenny Odell

Aside from gazing at 97 nuclear cooling towers and debating over the world’s best waterslide, the (yet another) ingenious use of google maps made us ponder a single question - is it natural that we collect things?

The rock collector’s story is that his grandfather used to be a truck driver delivering stones. Any new rock to him is a piece that connects him with a relative past. Daido Moriyama trolls the back alleys of Shinjuku, immortalizing digitally toned moments into books and series of diptychs. We collect objects in our bedrooms, acquiring stories that weave into curated tales we live to tell.

Tool of choice: Celebrated for his gritty depictions of Japanese urban life,
Daido Moriyama uses a digital compact camera to frame history

Like historian and journalist Philipp Blom puts it, “The real value of a piece lies not in its auction price, but in the importance it has in the collection”. After all, aside from questioning Obama’s true ethnicity, we are but contributing pieces towards a larger history. (Four years more at the very least)

Now, we don’t advocate collecting in a hoarding kind of way, instead we see curating as a function that highlights worth beyond material value. The collector’s stockpile of articles, each of which bear individual makers’ wealth of cultural baggage, their intentions and their methods - fuse to create an interpretation of something more.

The process of arrangement becomes such a personally meaningful and sentimental thing, because it tells a story of who they are, and why they do what they do. Looking through a collection someone has amassed is not unlike having a privileged eye into their inspirations and aspirations.

This week, we urge you to look beyond the material value of an object and think about its place in your collection of meaning. As we hit our very own milestone this week, we’re glad we’re playing host and bringing a new form of connecting people. Be part of this growing community, see you at